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May 18 2020

May 15 2020

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you are awesome!
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May 14 2020

May 04 2020

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May 02 2020

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Dreaming Octopus:

footage of a sleeping octopus chromatophores changing colors.

The footage is amazing! See it here: PBS

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April 21 2020

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No talk me I pancake

Submit your cute pet here | Source: https://bit.ly/2zemQiP

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March 28 2020

March 23 2020

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A dream.

Follow @ups-dogs for more posts like this :)

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March 04 2020

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gently bap your passum

i dfont understand

bap youre pasum

But gently

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February 18 2020

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February 17 2020

February 14 2020

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The face of a 100 year old turtle.
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My pal Keef sent this, saying, "The photographer was lying on the ground, trying to shoot this ceiling.  The pigeons were concerned."
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